Software Engineer



Recent Work


React + TypeScript

February 08 2021   Active

Recently, I worked on a project to migrate an old bootstrap, YUI single view app to React and absolutely fell in love with the framework. I will create UI components inspired by designs on dribbble using TypeScript to strengthen my React fundamentals.


Next-Gen Map Tools at GlobalNOC

October 15 2019   Active

Over the past year and a half, I have been working towards migrating GlobalNOC’s circuit mapping infrastructure to a modern, intuitive and centralized stack. Consolidating maps at a single endpoint helps in easier, automatic updates and faster shipping times.


100 Days of Machine Learning

July 22 2019   Incomplete

This summer, I am taking a deeper dive to strengthen my foundations in machine learning. Having taken a data science class last semester, I realized I lacked adequate knowledge of the fundamental mathematical topics required to excel in this field. A 100 day ML challenge will keep me motivated and help me stay on track.


Personalize Canvas

February 12 2019   WIP

Disappointed to see that after so many years, Canvas still does not offer a dark UI for their users. Given how much time I spend on canvas, I made a small Chrome Extension to make the dashboard and website layout more personalize-able.


Adobe Illustrator and Graphic Design

December 19 2018   WIP

When I am not coding, I spend my time trying my hand at graphic design. I am very fascinated by user interface design and animation. Here, I chronicle my journey as I learn to create graphics for my classes and personal projects.


Airline Database System

December 07 2018   complete

Learning database design helped me understand how companies collect massive amounts of data that can later be pulled up for analysis efficiently. This project walked me through the complete database design process to create a software for an airline.


Restaurant Point Of Sale System

April 25 2018   complete

Always intimidated by mathematics and coding, I went head first into my first Object-Oriented Programming class. Pushing my inhibitions to the side, I was ready to learn and fail. Instead, I enjoyed every moment that I spent making programs. For the final project, I pushed myself to my limits when I created an ordering system for a restaurant.


Galton Board

March 15 2018   complete

Normal Distribution is ubiquitous. Known to statisticians as the Gaussian distribution, the bell curve is routinely used to describe everything from the outcome of dice rolls to the weights, heights and IQs of randomly selected groups of people. Using a Galton Board, I understand how the bell curve comes to life.


Deloitte & Eli Lilly Analytics Case Competition

January 5 2018   complete

My first exposure to data analytics and software building happened here. This case competition pushed me into the world of computer programming and data science. A modest but passionate attempt at coding my first software program for a client.