Adobe Illustrator & Graphic Design

December 19 2018

Vector graphic of a pascal's triangle

Creative Outlet

As much as I enjoy coding, I also enjoy graphic designing. From designing posters for my bedroom to creating professional documents for a business case, Adobe Creative Cloud applications have been a blessing in disguise. Here is some of my work, that I spent far too much time on while procrastinating from school work.




I-Core is a semester long intensive program that is structured in a way to help students decide where their interests in their major lies. The program is made up of four components: Marketing, Management, Finance and Operations. The final project runs for 10 days in April during the spring semester where concepts from all the 4 classes are boiled down into one extensive case. The project revolved around launching a 'Home Smart-Garden' product line for a company that has been dealing in industrial gardening equipments since its inception. Here are the covers I designed for the final report that was submitted by my team.

I-Core Case Packet Covers

Mockup of the smart home garden application

SmartGro Website

SmartGro Feature Preview


Learning Illustrator

These are some of the graphics that I created while learning how to use Illustrator and its tools.

Isometric Building

Isometric Building

Mysterium Cosmographicum as seen on Michael Steven's YouTube video

Mysterium Cosmographicum as seen on Michael Steven's YouTube video